Shading technology

Development and manufacturing of shading technological systems are especially needed because of the global warming. Air conditioning requires a lot of energy. This method is cheap and simple. We offer you shutters, reluxas, venetian blinds, PVC ribbon curtains, roll-up shutters, sun shades, folding doors and mosquito nets.



Plastic, aluminium and traditional shutters are available with mosquito net. It can be used manually and motorized.


It is the most popular and most used shader. Our reluxas are made of aluminium reed, they are available in 35 colors. Wooden reluxas are also available with 25-50mm reeds.

Mosquito nets

Our wooden and plastic mosquito nets are for both windows and doors. Even the largest (3 meters for single side, 6 meters for double side) windows can be equipped with the net.

Roll-up shutters

They are the most known shaders for rooftop windows. It can also be used on normal windows. It provides protection against UV radiation and provides privacy. From the available textils the sun reflective one is recommended.

PVC ribbon curtain

It is suitable for large windows. You can control the amount of sunshine you let in. It is available in a variety of colors.

Sun shades

These are used for balconies and terraces. We have several models, all of them are excellent quality. It provides protection against not only sunshine but rain too. It can be operated manually and automated, which has a remote control. Wind and light detection technic is also available.

Venetian blinds

These are for large surfaces, perfect for public buildings, offices and private houses. The intensity of light can be controlled. It can be ordered in automated version. The automated version can be operated with a switch or remote control.