Design and manufacturing of solar power plants, solar collector and solar cell systems, utilization of geothermic energy

Due to the high price of energy of late years, the need for renewable energy has grown. (solar energy, water energy, wind energy, geothermic energy, etc.) These are mainly used for water heating, pool heating and for the enchancement of heating in general.


The most cost saving method of water heating is the use of sun collector systems. This modern technology enables not only the creation of warm water but improves the heating of buildings too. These are the most widely used systems nowadays. There are many reasons for supporting the use of solar energy: environment friendly, it is available for everyone and everywhere, we don’t run out of it, it can be combined with traditional heating and water heating systems. A finely designed solar collector or solar cell system, equipped with quality materials can provide 60-70% energy and cost saving.

Geothermic energy (the heat of earth) can be used for both heating and cooling with our heat-pump system.